We offer a new format of off-road toursWe offer a new format of off-road tours
It`s not a group riding, but individual tours for
guests with different level of training.
We have routes both for those who are driving
an off-road vehicle for the first time, and for
those who are experienced in off-roading.
1. Ivanovo waterfall
(duration 2 hours).
2. Dry and wet Psaho canyons
(duration 3-5 hours).
3. Vorontsov pesters
(duration 6-8 hours).
Long with difficult sections and the most beautiful route! We’ll drop
into the Ivanovo waterfall hidden in the gorge on the Psakho River.
Waterfall height - 10 meters. When falling forms a small lake. Even on
the hottest day, the water here is cool and clear as a tear. After
swimming in the waterfall, with new strength along a winding forest
road, we arrive in the dry and wet Psaho canyons, where once a stormy
river carved incredible patterns from the cliff. We will visit a fabulous
forest with trees covered with moss. We will take beautiful photos, walk
and go back.
Or continue our journey to the Vorontsov caves! This path is for those
who are well experienced in off-roading. There will be a long mud forest
trail with deep puddles, ruts and hard-to-reach areas. At the end of the
route we can visit Vorontsov caves or arrange a feast with a barbecue in
a mountain cafe. Such a route will take us all day: at least seven hours
and will leave it in our memory for whole life.
Guests must travel accompanied by experienced instructors.
Before the start of the tour, a safety training
and a small familiarization test drive route are held.
Guests are equipped with protective helmets, clean masks,
gloves and rubber boots for free.
Safari on a six-seat buggy
- 1500 rubles per person per hour
per hour):
buggy motorcycle
Free transfer for orders of two hours/ two pieces of equipment!!!
Dirt suit and boots.
Waterproof rubber suit.
Now all that for free!!!
Protective equipment:
Additional Information:
Before any route, guests receive safety training. Equipped with protective helmets. Fill in the equipment rental
agreement (a passport is required), leave a deposit in case of damage in the amount of 5,000 rubles. Under the
guidance of an instructor pass a test drive, and then sent to the route. Girls are allowed to operate the ATV only
accompanied by an instructor!!!
KVADROSOCHI makes your vacation unforgettable for more than 5 years. We select routes individually for
each guest:
- family safaris - with measured speed, walks and a small excursion.
- large corporate parties - in the form of quests with a trip to the bathhouse, relaxation in the brewery and
- extreme tours - that’s it. such trips require a lot of preparation and responsibility of guests.